Tea is one of the favorite hot drinks all around the work. Most of us make tea for our self, but few are experts. This article will guide you about how to brew the perfect tea. It will be helpful for beginners and those who want to enhance the taste of the tea.

TeaBrewing Time(minutes)Temperature (Degree Celsius)
Black tea3-5 min100
White tea380
Green Tea380

One Spoon Per Single Teapot

The tea is available in loose form as well as packed in tea bags. If it is in loose form, one spoon per cup is enough. But if someone wishes to have strong tea or a very light taste, he/she can change the quantity of the tea according to the need.

Boil The Water

Adequate boiling is necessary for having the best aroma and color of the tea. The table shows the temperature required by the different types of tea. Usually, the minimum temperature required by the tea is 80 degrees Celsius, but black tea is tastier when the water has a temperature of about 100 degrees Celsius. The cold water will not extract the essentials out of tea leaves, and the required taste may not be achieved.

Warm The Tea Pot

It is a good practice to warm the teapot, especially when the atmospheric temperature is cold. It will keep the temperature a few degrees hotter than the tea poured in the cold pot.

Addition of Tea and hot water in a teapot

Mix the boiling water with tea. Do not take too long for this step because the water temperature will be lowered, and you might not get the desired results.

Steep for 4-6 minutes

Steep the tea for 4-6 minutes and cover the pot. Giving this time will bring the flavor out of the solid tea with a perfect look and aroma. Do not hurry; otherwise, you cannot achieve the best delightful taste.

Strain The Tea

Let’s suppose that you are enjoying your sips of favorite tea, and then suddenly, the solids settle in your mouth. That is not tolerable so, to avoid this situation, strain your tea correctly with a tea strainer. That is not required if you are using tea bags, but if you have used loose tea, it is undoubtedly necessary to strain the tea to remove the solids before you serve it.

Pour The Hot Tea In Pot And

After straining, pour the tea into the cups. Leave it for 2 minutes if it is burning hot or otherwise; if you feel the temperature is good for you, enjoy your sips. If you have given proper time and temperature, for sure the tea is unforgettably tasty. Try these tips and make tea for yourself, friends and family.


Do not hurry if you want the best-brewed tea with the perfect restaurant-like taste. Pay a little attention and give proper time for ingredients to mix. Use high-quality tea products.