Tea lovers cannot stay away from the lingering taste of tea. So we have brought some of the best local tea rooms in California. Every tea room has some unique teapots with particular aromas that open up your brain. Not only is the taste joyful, but tea is good for cardiovascular function and lowers our stress.

  1. Chado Tea Room

Chado tea room has several branches in California. The branches are present at Downtown LA, Hollywood Blvd, North Raymond, and South Bay. The experience with your favorite tea is unforgettable for the customers. The tea room got initiated in 1990. The flavor and the quality of the material used are the strength of the Chado Tea room.

  • Basanti Tea Bar

That is the small delightful tea shop near Santa Monica Boulevard. There are various flavors of tea that visitors can smell before placing their order; it is one of the best places for tea in California. Having tea once at this place will make you fall in love with tea.

  • American Tea Room

The American Tea Room in Beverly Hills is famous among the local population because of the refreshing, tasty tea. The tea is served in Porcelain, cast iron, or glass teapots with more than 200 different teas, each with an unforgettable taste. If one likes tea, one cannot resist this place.

  • Bird Pick Tea and Herb

Bird Pick Tea and Herb provides free shipping of the tea products. Organic tea is also offered with the label. The experts have combined tea with bear to bring a unique and exciting tea for the customers. The staff is well behaved, polite and very professional.

  • Rose & Blanc Tea Room

Rose and Blanc Tea Room is located in Los Angeles. The tea room serves a variety of high-end tea for its customers. Along with tea, there are delicious desserts which one can enjoy at the beautiful place. The rose and blanc tea rooms are designed fantastic for taking pictures. Small events like private tea parties, business launching parties, tea sandwich parties, tea catering, bridal showers, etc., can be organized here.

  • The T Room

The T Room is a charming place to enjoy tea in the morning or afternoon. Private parties can get organized at the T Room. The most amazing teacups are Queen’s Tea and Princess Tea. There is a massive variety of flavors among the classic black tea, specially blended tea, fruit tea, green tea, white tea, herbal tea, and decaffeinated tea. People love the place because of the tea’s unique taste imported from different parts of the world.

  • The Living Room

The living room is a great tea spot where you can enjoy spending time with family and friends with a little chit-chat. Other foods, including mouth-watering sandwiches, are also offered in the tea shop. So you can eat as well if you are hungry. The services are provided seven days a week.

So these are the best local tea rooms in California. Visit the one which is nearby your house and enjoy the best hot drink.